Facebox Puts Facebook In Your Mac OS X Menubar

If you're looking for some quick Facebook interaction on your Mac, Facebox gives you basic Facebook functionality directly from your menubar.

Facebox is a really simple app. You download it for free from the Mac App Store, launch it and log in to Facebook from the menubar. Once you do, you'll be able to check your news feed, events, messages and a bunch of other things. It doesn't provide access to everything on facebook.com, but rather just the stuff you'd use frequently. If you really want all of Facebook in your OS X menubar, you can always use Fluid.

It's worth noting that the app has terrible reviews in the app store. This seems to be because it crashed a lot and didn't work well in a previous version. Personally, I had no stability issues when testing it out and it seems to work just fine. It's also free, so there's really no harm done if you don't like it.

Facebox [Mac App Store via Addictive Tips]


    Yeah. I thought growl notification of twitter was bad enough as a distraction, can't imagine what it would be like to have always there facebook. I thought LifeHacker was about productivity tips. ;)

    Lifehacker, please don't link us to articles on the US site (the fluid link above), it just redirects back to the front page of the AU site...

      Hey Gary, I just checked the link and it worked OK from here -- there has been some occasional redirection weirdness since the US redesign but I'm finding it hard to replicate any issues with this particular one.

        I've got that redirect issue too. It happens on all Giz, Kotaku and LH US site links on my work PC (IE 8, XP) and my iPhone/iPad (4.3).

        If I take the #! out of the URL, it works, but it's infuriating doing that every single time.

      It works fine for me.

    FYI: Exact same issue here with the Fluid link. Quite annoying.

      Thanks Dan, we'll look into it.

        same here

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