Dropbox Doubling Referrals For Student Email Addresses

If you've got an email account with a .edu.au (or .edu) address and you're using Dropbox, you're in luck: our favourite syncing and storage service is now doubling your referral-based storage upgrades. That is, instead of getting 250MB when you convince another friend to sign up, you get 500MB.

Reader Michael alerted us to the change, and noted that it appeared to work fine with his .edu.au address, as well as the .edu addresses Dropbox itself is promoting. Used along with social media referrals and working through the getting started guide, it's another good trick for getting more from Dropbox for less. Thanks Michael!



    That's old news!

      well thanks for sharing Ivan... *rolls eyes*

    Also, its retrospective, so if you've already referred 2 friends, you'll get an extra 1Gb just for confirming your .edu.au address!

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