Doro Seniors Phone Is A Good (But Overpriced) Idea

Most Lifehacker readers want their phone to do a lot more than just handle calls, but many of us are also familiar with the lamentations of older relatives who don’t see the point of a phone that’s filled with complicated options. The Doro PhoneEasy 410 is designed for ease of use by older people, but I can’t help thinking it’s a little too expensive.

The 410s offers many of the features you’d expect on a phone aimed at an older clientele: large keypads, a high-contrast display, amplified sound with hearing aid compatibility, and a clamshell design so that there’s no danger of accidentally making calls. When I’ve been helping grandparents try and pick out a mobile, those features have generally been high on the list. The phone also isn’t network-locked, so you can take your pick from any prepaid plan (normally the best option for casual phone users).

The PhoneEasy is selling outright through TeleChoice stores for $169 — and that’s the rub. Given how easy it is to pick up a basic clamshell phone for under $50, and how widely these are promoted in senior-heavy locations like supermarkets and post offices, I can’t help thinking that many potential customers will stick with the cheaper option instead. What do you think?

Doro 410

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