Doro Seniors Phone Is A Good (But Overpriced) Idea

Most Lifehacker readers want their phone to do a lot more than just handle calls, but many of us are also familiar with the lamentations of older relatives who don't see the point of a phone that's filled with complicated options. The Doro PhoneEasy 410 is designed for ease of use by older people, but I can't help thinking it's a little too expensive.

The 410s offers many of the features you'd expect on a phone aimed at an older clientele: large keypads, a high-contrast display, amplified sound with hearing aid compatibility, and a clamshell design so that there's no danger of accidentally making calls. When I've been helping grandparents try and pick out a mobile, those features have generally been high on the list. The phone also isn't network-locked, so you can take your pick from any prepaid plan (normally the best option for casual phone users).

The PhoneEasy is selling outright through TeleChoice stores for $169 — and that's the rub. Given how easy it is to pick up a basic clamshell phone for under $50, and how widely these are promoted in senior-heavy locations like supermarkets and post offices, I can't help thinking that many potential customers will stick with the cheaper option instead. What do you think?

Doro 410


    There is also the likes of this:

    There are multiple large button phones available on the web. One question for all including the Doro is are these approved for use by the ACMA?

    Another big button option is the Oricom EZY100 available from $99 (and it is approved).

      Given that it's being sold through Telechoice retail outlets, I'd be frankly amazed if the Doro wasn't approved.

      Hi Tim

      Doro's PhoneEasy 410s has A Tick approval. :-)

    Had much the same issue when my folks wanted a mobile. I ended up getting one with oversized buttons that, in their words "Just makes phone calls and weighs more than its own manual." They're comfortable with voicemail, but there really wasn't any point in getting them something with 99 extra hi-tech features.

    I think voicemail on mobiles for senior seniors is a very bad idea.

    When you phone them you want to get them. If they don't answer because they don't have the phone on them, as they are supposed to, you want to be able to phone back repeatedly to get them when they are back in range to hear the phone without the cost of endlessly getting diverted to voicemail.

    The same applies to landlines and if they have an answering machine get rid of it.

    If they don't answer after a while it's time to call the neighbours or get in the car again for that 20km drive. Of course, they will be asleep in front of the TV but you never know.

    The other problem with voicemail is that the default before it cuts in is only about 20 seconds. This isn't long enough for an elderly person to get the phone out of their pocket and answer it.

    Another reason why you don't want them to have voicemail is because they won't remember to check it. People leave messages, like doctor's appointment changes, thinking they will get the message but they won't. Make sure people have to speak to them directly.

    You can call the mobile and landline phone companies and get them to cancel voicemail (they are always surprised when you ask them to do it) and extend the period before the phone call is cancelled. With Telstra I believe the max is 50 seconds. Still not really long enough for a landline if they have to get out of a chair to get to the phone.

    Answering machines are a total loss. Before I realised that elderly people shouldn't have one at all I tried to find one with an extended period before it picked up. I couldn't find any longer than 20 seconds which is too short even for me.

    Been through this with 3 parents. One to go. Now if we can just persuade my mum to always carry the mobile...

    BTW my mother has one of these phones.


    Can someone confirm something for me about mobile phones and 000 calls?

    When my father fell and broke his hip my mother was out. He tried calling me. I was at the movies and my phone was switched off.

    He then called 000.

    What he told me was that he got a message saying something like "We get a lot of accidental calls from mobile phones. Please confirm that this is a real emergency by pressing _some key_"

    He couldn't hear what they said and even if he did he would have had difficulty seeing the keypad without his glasses.

    As a result he lay on the floor for 3 hours.

    Obviously, I can't call 000 to check if this is true.

    Can someone please confirm if this is how the system actually works?

    Seems pretty stupid to me if it is.

    Andrew Watson

    One more thing about having seniors who may phone you.

    NEVER turn your phone off when you go to the movies or anywhere else they tell you to do so.

    Mute it and make sure you have vibrate turned on.

    Andrew Watson

    Your review of this phone doesn't bring out it's most important feature.

    On the back it has a button that if pressed for 5 seconds it will send a pre-written SMS to 5 contacts. It will then phone each of the contacts until someone picks up.

    Another reason why voicemail isn't a good idea even for the son or daughter who is going to receive one of these emergency calls because it will stop calling as soon as it hits voicemail.

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    Doro leads the world market in the Care Telecom segment (ie mobile for seniors). The PhoneEasy 410s is Doro's best selling handset. Doro has invested significantly in R&D eg to ensure high quality, great hearing aid connectivity, a unique user interface adapted for ease of use with high contrast easy to read graphics etc. While there may be cheaper big button, large font phones out there, you do get what you pay for. Our customers enjoy many features not found on other low end phones and of course as a public 30 year old business Doro is a name you can trust. The phone has sold so well at Telechoice we have run out of stock, new deliveries are expected around 12 May!

    Due to financial reasons we want to stop the service on the doro phone. To stop the payments from being taken from fron my account. Had too mant phones and had to cut costs. Please stop the account. Good service. Just due to financial reasons.

    if anyone has a Doro410 preferably in black, for like $50dollars can you email me. I am on a budget sadly but need this phone as i am a pensioner

    Big difference is some of the cheaper phones are locked to networks who can charge a fortune for calls for instance sell their phones unlocked and can include an amaysim simcard for free who dont charge flag fall.

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