DIY Texture Projector Gives Your Photos Cool Backgrounds

If you take portraits, or would like to, one of the problems you'll often need to solve is getting yourself some good and interesting backgrounds. Here's a neat DIY project that uses a cardboard box and a few other items to solve the problem on the cheap.

All you'll need are a few fresnel lenses, a cardboard box (it only needs to be about 10.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 7 inches), some foam core, glue, textured glass and a light source. You can even add a tripod socket so you can mount this little device on a tripod directly behind your subject for easy background placement. It's a neat trick for creating interesting, coloured backgrounds for your portraits with very little effort. If you're interested in making this, be sure to hit up DIY Photography for the full instructions.

Use A Texture Projector to Cheaply Create Interesting Backgrounds []


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