Dailymotion Family Filter Is Broken For Australian Users

Dailymotion Family Filter Is Broken For Australian Users

Dailymotion Family Filter Is Broken For Australian UsersVideo sharing site Dailymotion offers a “family filter” option to block adult content, but it looks like Australians don’t get the chance to actually turn it off.

Clicking on the Family Filter button in the Dailymotion header to change your status should let you switch it off, but currently only results in a “page not found” error. Even if you change your default location, the problem remains, suggesting that either Dailymotion is using IP address filtering or that there’s a much broader problem with its site. Australian users have been complaining on Dailymotion’s own blog, but that doesn’t seem to have had much effect so far. Offering a filter is a better solution than YouTube’s “ban anything adult” approach, but pretending to offer one isn’t. Thanks RC for the tip!


  • It seems to be censorship at its worst – just block whatever and then don’t give oxygen to any discontent. Most will not know or care but we don’t live in an open society where adults are permitted to make mature independent decisions. Who are these people to dictate what we choose to watch?
    Unless you wish to watch extreme violence on the other hand..

  • I put in a message to Dailymotion about this, which they vaguely replied with comments about how “certain videos were unavailable in your region”. I replied to this saying that the problem lies with the family filter, and explained the error page. They again mentioned videos for a region, and deemed my problem solved, therefore I was unable to reply again.

  • We have indeed experienced some problems with the Family Filter on our Australian site over the past few weeks. We are happy to inform you that this issue has now been resolved and that the Family Filter is fully operational again. We apologise to our Australian users for any inconvenience that this has caused.

    Dailymotion Support Team

    • there still is a family filter problem in Turkey. there is no family filter button. when i click the international button there still is no family filter button. but when i click united states there is a family filter button but can turn it off. please help.

    • hey dailymothin team , honestly WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR SITE ????? i do have the same problem everyone has .. i’m on facebook , i wana see a video , press play , a whole lot of writings pops up , saying u have to be signed in , i signed in , still the video doesn’t start ,, now it THE GOD DAMN FAMILY FILTER .. I HATE IT SOOO FREAKIN MUCH ,, i got on your web site , i looked for the damn family filter on botton , but guess what ,, there is no family filter botton in no footer .. also trying to disable it from facebook doesn’t work .. so please please as your best fan . WORK IT OUT ,,, FIX IT ,, FIND A SULOTION ,, DO ANY THING A.S.A.P

  • When I reinstalled windows, I copied the “Cookies” folder, the “Desktop” and other folders from the backup. And I found out that, the “family filter” at dailymotion.com is “off ” as it was before. I was very happy about it. But after I cleaned my cookies – the filer was “on” again.
    I copied the folder with “Cookies” from the backup again and the “family filter” at dailymotion.com was “off ” again.
    So the information is stored in the cookies! If you want to turn it “off” – edit the value manually.
    Almost every browser has an extensions that allows to edit cookies. As I am using chrome –
    I opened “Google chrome web store” and searched for cookie extension.
    I found one. Not very comfortable, (like others) to work in, but it works.
    It is called “Edit This Cookie 1.1.26” So – go to dailymotion.com click on the “Edit This Cookie” extension. In the drop down menu create (or edit) a value “family_filter”. Set it to “off”. Works 100%.

  • The whole thing is *still* broken, because it is not possible to turn this stupid thing off without having cookies enabled. Anyone who is blocking cookies by default (ie. any sensible person) cannot use it. Dailymotion need to either make it work without storing any client side state – for instance by having a query parameter in the URL to disable it – or, better still, get rid of it altogether. It is parents’ responsibility to control what their children do on the internet, and it is not acceptable for everyone else to be messed about because parents cannot be bothered to handle the responsibilities incurred by their selfish decision to reproduce.

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