Control Your MacBook’s Power Cord With The Wrapping Clip

Control Your MacBook’s Power Cord With The Wrapping Clip

We’ve mentioned how important it is to properly wrap your MacBook’s power cord, but that little clip that keeps it snug can be useful when you’re plugged in, too. Here’s how two clever Reddit users are using it.Reddit user indianapolisjones discovered that when he has his MacBook on his lap, the cord often gets in the way. He fixed it by clipping it to his monitor, as shown above (image mine, his version is here). This only works on the Unibody MacBooks, though — the white ones are too thick and the MacBook Airs are too thin.

User scottb84 replied in the comments with another great way to give your cord a little more slack. The MagSafe adapters are great for preventing disaster if you trip over it or yank it too hard, but if the constant tugging is annoying you, just clipping some of the cord together — as shown at the left — will lessen the stress.

They’re two very simple tips, but pretty nice if you’re constantly annoyed by your cord when you’re plugged in and trying to get comfortable with your laptop.

All these years, I never once thought of trying this to keep the cord away from my leg… [Reddit]


  • This does work with the new MacBook Air you just have to make sure the front of the clip is over the black rubber stip which runs around the edge of the screen (slightly angled), although it does come off easily if bumped from behind.

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