Complete Android Guide Updated For Honeycomb And Gingerbread

Complete Android Guide Updated For Honeycomb And Gingerbread

I’m pleased as all get out to announce that the Complete Android Guide is out with a new print and ebook version, covering Android versions up to 2.3 (Gingerbread) on phones, and sporting a new section on Android tablets running 3.0 (Honeycomb).

Other sections have been spiffed up, including the app recommendations, and the ebook is also available directly from the Kindle market, too. If you’ve previously bought the book, it’s only $US0.99 to upgrade. [Complete Android Guide]


  • I ordered the PDF of this from the link provided. Got a lovely receipt saying that someone called 3Ones. Inc would deliver the digital product, but no PDF or download link, and their contact web page appears to have problems in both IE and Chrome. Anyone know what gives?

  • Hi all. Does the Complete Android Guide cover the O/S on Tablets and well as phones.

    I purchased a Tablet and am finding it a real learning curve from Win7

    Many thanks for your newsletters and your information

    Thanks Peter

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