Classic Shell Updates To 3.1, Adds IE9 Customisation

Classic Shell Updates To 3.1, Adds IE9 Customisation

Classic Shell Updates To 3.1, Adds IE9 CustomisationQuite some time back, we featured Classic Shell, a useful add-on for Windows 7 users (like me) who don’t find the modernised Start menu as useful as its predecessors. A new update to the add-on lets you customise IE9’s captions and status bars.

It also maintains features that have attracted users in the past, such as the ability to navigate up one directory in Explorer. As ever, you can choose which components you want to install.

Classic Shell is a free download for Vista and Windows 7.

Classic Shell


  • Whats the point? Just tidy up start menu. Put the shortcuts into categories. I have done this since win 98. If you do this in win 7 (you need to gain control over the right folders though) the start menu is more productive than win XP. If you don’t, you’ll find the start menu is useless and you will try to avoid it.

    • My chief reason for using Classic Shell (as I’ve mentioned before) is that I can continue using Windows key+a letter to launch apps. That doesn’t work in Windows 7 because of the search menu.

    • I see some trolls here bashing it without even trying it. It’s far more customizable than the default Windows menu. In fact you can make it exactly like the new Windows menu as well including the search. For Vista users, it gives the same Start menu search improvements made in Windows 7 such as searching control panel tasks (God Mode).

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