Celsius Puts The Current Temperature On Your iOS Home Screen

Celsius Puts The Current Temperature On Your iOS Home Screen

iOS: Apple doesn’t allow apps to keep their home screen icons regularly updated with data — just notification badges for alerts and the like. Clever weather app Celsius (which does, indeed, have a “Fahrenheit” cousin) uses that notification badge to give you the temperature in degrees, no extra click needed.Celsius’s actual app screen shows you all the stuff you’d expect: detailed conditions, forecasts and the like. But it’s the badge that’s really appealing, as it uses the mechanism normally reserved for informing you of how many new messages or other pings are awaiting you to tally up the current temperature.

Celsius (and its Fahrenheit cousin) are $1.19 in the iTunes App Store and are both designed for iPad as well as iPhone/iPod screens.

Celsius [iTunes App Store via Mobiputing]


  • I use a $2.49 app called “Pocket Weather AU”, which does the temperature badge thing and also (if you want it) will push weather updates to you a few times a day. The best thing about it, though, is it gets its weather straight from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, which makes it much faster and more accurate than most foreign offerings.

    There’s another app called OzWeather or similar that does the same thing, though I haven’t used it.

    • I use Pocket Weather AU too, and it’s brilliant! It pushes a weather forecast to me from the BoM twice a day (it can do 3 i think) and more importantly, IT SHOWS THE TEMPERATURE ON THE ICON.

      C’mon Lifehacker, you guys should know about this app and be promoting Australian! (It’s worth the $2.49, as the free version doesn’t have the temperature on the icon).

    • Yep, Pocket Weather has been doing this for ages and ages, and it’s actually accurate. I’ve tried Celsius and it is NOT accurate for aussie temperatures.

    • You have issues. This isn’t an US vs THEM situation. Why the need to bag something? Do you have shares in an opposing platform that you would care that much? Or are you just a little blond cheerleader?

      Anyway, who was talking about customisation?

  • Pocket Weather AU is far superior to this offering. Very disappointing to see an Australian site trying to get us using US based applications when we have homegrown ones that are better. Celsius is very inaccurate for Australia locations and should NEVER have been mentioned on this site.

    I respect Lifehacker Australia usually, but you really need to get a reality check if you think Celsius is any good.

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