Carsguide Mobile Petrol Price Tracker Shows Prices Near You

Tracking down the cheapest source of petrol is a common activity for budget-minded Aussies. Carsguide has launched a mobile-friendly petrol price tracker which shows the cost of various fuel types in your area.

The site will identify your location via GPS, or you can enter a postcode, and specify the kind of fuel you want to find (unleaded, diesel and premium). The results are shown either in list form or on a map, and you can sort results by price or distance from your current location. Sounds potentially handy if you're out and realise you need a top-up; it's also a useful reminder that a general-purpose mobile site can be just as useful as an app for a specific platform.

Carsguide [via Mumbrella]


    IMHO a well-designed mobile site makes apps largely redundant. I use Facebook, get my feeds, read my forums and do my internet banking straight through the browser on my phone.

      (for the sake of clarity, of course I'm not talking about actual, functional apps like games or utilities)

      Absolutely. Most of these kind of apps would work better and be cheaper to develop if they were mobile websites.

    Hope it's more useful/accurate for locations in cities, just punched in my rural postcode and it showed me a heap of places 140 km or more away!

      Actually it's even worse, just realised it thinks Redbank (near Ipswich is only 140 km from Roma -- more like 400!!!)

        Yep. Another locator app that is incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent. Use this at your own risk. You certainly won't find the best petrol price with either the app or the website.

    I don't classify myself as too rural (being in Toowoomba), but my closest servo is in Brisbane?

    Try the motormouth/google maps mashup instead from the igoogle widget.

      Unless of course you don't live in new south wales.
      Tried my suburb then just western australia - kept giving sites in sydney.

        those in wa can use the fuel watch site to search by fuel type and postcode. you can also have the next days prices for your area emailed when you subscribe.

    For Gosford, or any of it's suburbs, the site lists 6 stations in Narrabeen (42km away).

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