Aussies Still Not Good Enough At Mobile Phone Security

According to a survey of 500 Australians by Norton, 41% of us use some kind of password on our phones. That's actually pretty consistent with the last stats we saw on the subject, but still means a lot of people aren't protecting the large amount of personal data accessible if your phone gets misplaced or stolen.

Setting up a passcode on your phone isn't different, and we've offered a guide to doing that for popular phone platforms. A password isn't the be-all and end-all of phone security, but it's a sensible free solution that anyone can make use of.


    A passcode slows me down and makes my phone less useful. The data it's most important to keep private is locked in a secure app. The rest can be remote-wiped if the worst happens.

    I always used to use a pin code on my old Nokias. But since getting the iPhone, I find I use it a lot more so the PIN code got in the way and I now rely on the remote wipe and find features.

    You're both idiots, it literally takes two seconds to type in a password, it you can set a timer such that it doesn't always ask you.

    No one can't afford two seconds to type in a password, and in no way does it make your phone less useful.

    Where's the source of this Norton survey results?

      Press release emailed to me by Norton.

        Hi Angus,

        Please fwd to myself. :)

        Cheers, Nath.

    Someone make themselves a small fortune and invent a finger-print-reader app for use instead of a passcode for iphone and android!

      Nah facial recognition is the go - there is already a front facing camera. just swipe the unlock and smile for the birdy.

    Solely through buying second hand phones-I try and avoid buying new anything-I have ended up with the phone numbers and addresses of several prominent ABC tv personalities, much home made porn (not containing said ABC staff), bank details, home addresses-the list goes on. Passwords are all well and good, but when people sell off their old tech, they should really format.

    @James - I think formatting of personal data/information prior to disposal is a bit of a different topic to keeping your phone secure while the device is still in someone's possession.

    In having said that, I admittedly don't have any form of security other than having Lookout installed on my device. Having to manually unlock it whenever the screen times out seems unnecessarily cumbersome - especially considering I haven't lost a phone in god-knows-how-long.

      Relatedly, what's the etiquette with that? If you find a phone that somebody lost without password protecting, how far do you reasonably go to identify the owner? I'd say that checking the address book entries for names like 'mum' or 'dad' is fine, but anything further is over the line.

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