Add "Places" Menu Functionality To Ubuntu's Unity Launcher

Ubuntu's Unity interface is sleek, simple, and effective at keeping things uncluttered on your desktop, but some users may not be so keen on having to jump through hoops just to open one of their home folder's subdirectories in a real file manager. Luckily, there's a fix for that.

A quick and easy hack adds a list of your favourite folders to the right-click menu for the launcher's Home Folder icon, basically turning it into a "quicklist" for your entire home directory. Even better than that, the folders open in the Nautilus file manager — so you can start getting things done. Hit the link below to check out the quick instructions.

How to add a "places" style Quicklist to the ‘home launcher' in Ubuntu Unity [OMG! Ubuntu!]


    Thanks for the info. I do think that the wonderful people who spend their time providing Ubuntu to us dropped the ball on this one though. I've had at least one machine running Ubuntu since some time around 06. I finally dropped using Microsoft on anything after 10.04 LTS came out. I think I may need to go back. Unity pretty much ensures that you have to move your mouse the maximum distance no matter what. It would be ideal for a very small single screen but then I don't have a very small single screen. I like to have multiple things running, all visible and all where I want them. If I want one program scaled down to only use a small slice of my window I also like it's header to be right there not up at the top of the screen where it is the maximum distance of screen real estate away from where I want to put it. Sorry for the rant but I am not pleased with unity. It would be great for a mobile microscreen but I like having almost as much screen as I have yard so maybe its just me.

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