A Messy Desk Can Influence Perceptions Of Your Professionalism

We're all about getting rid of office clutter here at Lifehacker — usually for the sake of our own sanities — but it turns out you may have a bit more motivation than that to stay tidy.A recent study interviewed HR managers at a number of different companies, asking them how neatness of an employee's desk affects their perception of that person's professionalism. 65 per cent said it "somewhat affects it", while 18 per cent said it "greatly affects it", with only 17 per cent saying it has no effect. It isn't exactly fair, but it's something to think about when you're staring at your tornado of an office: you might want to tidy it up, if only to improve your reputation with your superiors. Hit the link to read the full study. [OfficeTeam via Unclutterer]Photo by Jeffrey Beall.


    Personally, the level of my "Professionalism" doesn't mean jack if the work is getting done and there are no problems with you as an employee. Provided, of course, you're not in customer server :)

    Eg; A programmer who wears shorts, untucked T-Shirt, scruffy hair, and the messiest desk you've ever seen may get the work done better than someone OCD'ing over a single bit of paper on their desk.

    Just my 2c :)

      As an employee you may think that it doesn't matter. As a employer, i can tell you that it does.

        +1 to that Richard. Employees might think we don't notice or care just because they do the job, but we sure do.

    Unless you work as a draftsman. The messier the desk, the better a draftsman you are.

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