WrappingUp.com Is A Social-Networked Resource For Dealing With Death

WrappingUp.com Is A Social-Networked Resource For Dealing With Death

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard, but sorting through the processes involved in organising a funeral and sorting out an estate makes it much harder. WrappingUp.com is an Australian-developed site which aims to share information on the processes and legal issues involved in “wrapping up” someobody’s life.

Oddly, the site’s developers originally planned to make a documentary examining the issues involved, but then decided a combination directory/social network would work better and assist more people. The site has two main target audiences: people who have recently been bereaved and need advice, and people who want to plan to ensure their deaths cause as little hassle to families as possible. The latter can prove to be an expensive exercise without careful research; according to Choice, if you sign up for funeral insurance at the age of 65 but live until 91, you’ll end up paying the equivalent of four times the cost of your actual funeral.

Wrapping Up follows the ‘freemium’ model, with some information available for free and a range of subscription packages for in-depth directories, networking and community features. A month-by-month ‘silver’ subscription costs $9 a month; annual membership is $45, while a $79 platinum package includes secure online document storage that will be made available to a named next of kin after you die.

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