Get Better Battery Life On Rooted Android Phones

Get Better Battery Life On Rooted Android Phones

Some users, when flashing new ROMs, have noticed that their battery life goes down a little bit. With just a simple wipe of the battery stats file, though, you can get your battery back up and running to its full capacity.

The battery stats file basically tells your phone how much battery it has left. The problem is, sometimes this file can get a little out of whack and tell your phone it’s fully charged when it isn’t done charging yet — so your phone will charge to, say, only 93 per cent instead of 100 per cent before stopping. If you’re rooted and running ClockworkMod recovery (which most root users are), you can wipe the battery stats, giving you a fresh slate and allowing your battery to more accurately judge its fullest potential. To wipe the stats file:

  • Fully charge your device, until your LED turns green or until your home screen says “Charged”.
  • Reboot into recovery mode. This is different on every device (I know on my Droid, I have to hold the “x” key when powering up). Google how to do it for your device, or, if you’re running a custom ROM like CyanogenMod, you can reboot into recovery mode from the phone’s regular shutdown screen.
  • When you reboot into ClockworkMod, head to Advanced > Wipe Battery Stats and hit Yes. When it’s done, go back to ClockworkMod’s main menu and reboot your phone.

I’ve tested this myself and, while it’s hard to judge what it’s done to my battery life (I already get pretty rocking battery life on my Droid), I haven’t seen any adverse effects, so it’s worth a shot if your battery life is killing you.

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  • Hi, Whitson. I’m really unsure about this, as I swear I’ve read about 10 different ways to “properly” reset battery stats while on the XDA and CM forums… I just don’t know which one is correct, as I’m unsure how the whole battery stats works with Android.

    Although, I recently read an article on the MIUI-Au ROM site explaining a few things about Android batteries, including a way, that to me seems totally plausible, for correctly wiping your battery stats. I’ll link it in here (we’re allowed to do that, right?)

    But yeah, take a look and see what you think. So far this is the (one of many) ways that has seemed to work best for me so far.

  • Isn’t the title a bit misleading? You’re not getting better battery life – you’re just getting the *impression* that you are (Battery usage will be exactly the same, as it’s just how full your phone is saying your battery is that changes when the stats are reset).

    • I think the author implied that the phone stopped charging at 100%, when in reality, it was only at 93%. Resetting the battery file fixes the discrepancy between what the status shows and what the battery is really at.

      • Likewise, shutting down at 5% when it could have as much as 20% remaining. Correct usable time could be going up drastically. Will report when my G1 finishes charging. (Tee hee, a G1 running Cyanogen 6 😛 )

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