Why Do People Lose Their Phones In Taxis?

Chances are if you own a mobile phone and take taxis regularly, you've experienced at least one moment of blind panic when you realise you've left the phone behind. But just why does that happen?Picture by Lars Ploughman

We know from earlier surveys that at least a third of Australians have had this experience. And yes, alcohol is likely to have been involved in many instances, but I'd like to know just how many. So here's a poll:

What happened the last time you lost your phone in a taxi?customer surveys

Feel free to expand on your mobile phone taxi nightmare experience in the comments.


    The only time I've left my phone in a taxi I wasn't impaired, and the driver went half way across Sydney to return it to me, for free (although I insisted he take $50 for his trouble).

      It's people like you that make the job worthwhile-thanks from a cabbie

    It's those bucket seats! It just slipped from my pocket into the darkness never to be seen again

    A few years ago I drunkenly left my phone in a cab on NYE, never got it back. The lost and found lady I called said they had a whole bunch handed in on New Years Day.

    2nding bucket seats, plus the fact that a lot of taxi drivers are big weirdo racists trying to convert you so I usually try and leave in a hurry.

    Was fumbling with some shopping on a rainy day, put my phone in my pocket, then realised I almost forgot my umbrella, reached back in and phone must have dropped out of my pocket. Lost my $800 phone to rescue a $10 umbrella... stoopid.

    Dropped out of my pocket in a taxi on the way to Chicago O'Hare airport. Taxi driver came running into terminal to give it back to me.

    Brave man for leaving his cab unattended at a US airport. An thank you again Mr. TD.

    I've got a mate that has lost 3 iPhones in two years, never to be seen again; all in cabs, all while under the influence.

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