What’s Your Side Project?

What’s Your Side Project?

You may have a job you go to every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s your passion in life. Oftentimes if you want to work on something different from what you do for a living, it manifests itself as a side project. Or perhaps you just have a side project that’s part of a long-term hobby. Whatever the case may be, what’s the side project you take on during your off hours? Photo by Jeff Schwartz

If you want to go even further, why do you do it? If you can just go home and relax, what compels you to work more? Share your side projects in the comments and let us know what motivates you to do them.


  • I am one of the directors of the children’s charity FunFlight. We organise joyflights for kids ‘touched by adversity’ together with their family.

    Shitloads of work -unpaid and next to a more than full-time job, but the most rewarding thing ever. When I see a family climb out of the small aircraft that has just taken them to the skies, and I see the smiles on their faces, and on the face of the volunteer pilot, I know that we have made a difference in their life.

    Man of the kids spend way too much time in and out of hospital, and it is such a great feeling to be able to contribute to their life in such a positive way. Love it!

  • Nothing as impressive as Michel, but I knit, cross-stitch and do DIY when I can.

    I just love creating things, so if there’s a need (eg; a DVD shelf out of an old-school speaker box), or if I’m feeling particularly creative (knitting a 20cm sheep toy), then I’ll get stuck in with whatever I have on hand 🙂

    • Oh, and as for the “Why?”:

      I program all day (website developer for http://www.zibbet.com ), so I basically sit on my butt and don’t do much physical. To shake that off, I’ll use my idle hands to get something done.

      Can’t be content with just sitting and “relaxing” unless it’s on a beach somewhere 😉

      I’m pretty lucky – I love creating, and Zibbet is all about handmade, so I get to create a website (my passion and skill) about doing handmade, which I also love.

  • During the week, I work as a solution architect, but out of hours, I’m filming a documentary about a Sydney-based board-paddler traveling to Hawaii to compete in the 32 mile Molokai to Oahu race.

    I’m doing it because I love film-making and I think the subject is really interesting.

    Who knows, maybe it will lead to a career change?

  • By day I don the cape of a web worker. Glaring at a screen for 8+ hours a day.
    By night, I play in a band.
    It does get difficult – I few times a week I have to go straight from work to a 4+ hour rehearsal, usually get home at midnight and then get up at 5:30am and do it all over again. If we have a mid-week gig, I don’t get home till 2am (at the earliest). It certainly makes the next day at work… erm, interesting. And I now have no weekends – they’re taken up by more rehearsals, or solo practicing or writing. Socialising with friends? Catching up for a coffee? Drinking? Partying? None of the above unfortunately. I’m lucky if I get time to grocery shop. (Glamorous life I lead!)

    Right now, I honestly wouldn’t change it for anything though. We don’t make any money from the band (yet), so I need my day job. Having zero spare time and not much sleep is challenging, but being onstage makes it all worthwhile.
    I’m like Jason – would love to make the switch and change careers, but for now, it just remains an expensive but exciting hobby.
    It also makes the hours spent behind a computer screen more bearable.

  • I’m a civil engineer by day – I work in construction so sometimes those days are rather long. By night I’m learning to sew. I borrowed my mother’s sewing machine about a year ago and have been teaching myself ever since. I love it! Eventually I want to be able to sell what I make on sites like etsy but for now I just make things for friends and family.

    Can’t see me giving up the day job though.

  • During the day I’m a support specialist.

    At night I’m a volunteer firefighter.

    Very similar thought processes in both undertakings, just one is more dangerous than the other.

    I do it because I can see the direct results of my contribution to people in need.

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