What’s Your Favourite Music To Wake Up To?

What’s Your Favourite Music To Wake Up To?

Whether it’s the song you set for your alarm clock or the song you crank up in the shower, we all have that one track that gets us pumping for the day ahead. We’re wondering what yours is.Lifehacker reader Pegart asks a good question: What makes good music for waking up? We’ve asked you what you listen to when you work, but wake up music is different — the right song in the morning can set your tone for the entire day. So if you have one, what is it? Share it with us in the comments, and tell us why it gets you in the perfect mindset. Photo by JustProd.


  • Before I tried waking to music I thought it’d be cool to wake up to something triumphant, but quickly discovered that just makes you want to smash the source of the dramatic interruption to your sleep.

    Cruisy songs that gently wake you up tend to be better. I don’t use a music alarm any more – thanks to stupid Apple not letting you use music as an alarm like you could in every other iPod they made before it, and third party apps aren’t reliable enough – but when I did, here’s some tracks I found good:

    Shadowlands by Ryan Adams
    Into Dust by Mazzy Star
    For the Widows in Paradise etc etc by Sufjan Stevens (god he loves long song titles)
    These Days (album version) by Powderfinger
    The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice

    And when you feel like something a bit more epic without blasting you awake, End Credits from Braveheart is a good start to the day 😉

    This has reminded me how good it was waking up to music. I think I’ll have to rig up a solution to get away from waking up to that damn harp sound my iPhone makes…

  • I’ve got a recording of birdsong to wake up to. Even after using it for months now, it still takes my brain a few minutes to realize it’s the alarm going off, not actual birds. Feels nice to wake to that

  • The “I’m Horny” song sung by My Girlfriend.
    Unfortunately a software error forbids playing this gem of a song continuously, or even scheduling it for convenient times. Reprogramming hasn’t worked either.
    Probably a good thing, as it really sucks the substance out of you after a while.

  • White Stripes – Blue Orchid

    Practical if you keep the phone out of hands reach so you have to get up and turn it off before it kicks in at 0:05, might not work if you don’t share the house with people you don’t want to rudely awaken

    The “morning” smart alarm tune on Android phones is a more pleasant option 😀

  • Nothing says “WAKE UP!!!” like James Brown telling you to “Get up! (Get on up…) Get up! (Get on up…) Stay on the scene (Get on up) a-like a sex machine! (Get on up)”

  • Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill (For those who aren’t familiar with Pantera, this track starts with 10 seconds of screaming and drums)

    I listen to music while I sleep, so I need something jarring to wake me up otherwise I just sleep through it.
    Set my PC alarm to mute audio for 1 hour before, and when that track starts, by god am I awake.

  • 01 – Steve Holy – Good Morning Beautiful
    02 – Toby Keith – My List
    03 – American Tribute to Heros – Neil Young – Imagine
    04 – U2 – Beautiful Day
    05 – Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now
    06 – Michael McDonald – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
    07 – Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
    08 – Chumbawamba – Tubthumping – (I Get Knocked Down)

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