What’s In Your Taskbar/Dock?

What’s In Your Taskbar/Dock?

Your taskbar/dock are the places you pin your most frequently used applications. The contents may not be your favourite software, but the titles are often the most important. What do you pin to your taskbar or dock and why?

Here’s what I’ve got (not including the things I’m forced to have by Mac OS X):

I also arrange my dock like my iOS homescreen, using stacks as folders for other applications I use often but not as often as the list above.

How about you?


  • Im on my work machine so, left to right:
    Firefox 4
    My Computer
    Illustrator CS5
    Roland Versaworks
    Photoshop CS5
    Paintshop Pro X3
    Awnet Production Schedule (custom work production production)
    Link to Artwork Server
    Link to My Server Folder
    Link to My Sidekicks Server Folder
    Link to Ripped Artwork Folder
    Link to Templates Folder
    Show Desktop

    But, even though Im using Windows 7, I still have my task bar set to look and operate like XP. Quick Launch bar and all that.

  • Never really thought about this before. Makes me wonder WHY I keep certain items there (Photobooth and System Prefs, for example).

    For the record, I keep:
    Chrome, Mail, Twitter, Skype, iCal, iTunes, Photobooth, iPhoto, MS Word, Torq, Terminal and System Prefs…

  • Off memory (I’m at work at the moment)::

    -Explorer (with all my frequently used folders pinned)
    -Windows Live Mail
    -Windows Live Messenger
    -Windows Live Photo Gallery
    -Word 2011
    -Excel 2011
    -MS Paint

  • IE8
    Visual Studio 2010
    Sql Enterprise Manager 2008
    Password Depot
    Core-Temp (CPU Temp)
    Steam (For Civ V)
    Logitech G9 Mouse profiler (Use extra buttons for mute and minimise). Mute, great for shutting up ads before news videos.
    A number of batch files and utility apps i created.

  • This is a bit like playing guess the person’s job/hobby.

    Visual Studio (2 copies)
    SQL Server Management Studio 2005
    RJ TextEd

    System Tray: AutoVer, Cobian Backup, PicPick, Touch Freeze, MS Security Essentials, Google Calendar Sync

  • I really like my taskbar (I’m in Windows 7) to reflect what I’m currently working with. As such the only permanently pinned items I have are Explorer, Windows Media Player, Outlook and Chrome. Everything else I use frequently is pinned to the top of my Start menu.

    My edit machine is almost always video tasks though, so I have Avid Media Composer, After Effects and Photoshop pinned permanently.

    This is actually my main problem with the OS X dock – it blurs the line too much between what you sometimes work with and what you are currently working with. Windows 7 makes that quite clear, even with permanently pinned apps – there’s a strong visual difference between a running and not running application.

  • Erm,..
    Explorer side by side
    Then I use True Launch Bar for everything else that’s installed on the system “TLB” is the best program manager out there. In it I keep Photoshop, CorelDraw, Libre Office, Freecalc, Everything search, plus… All my video editing stuff and all my PC management stuff… :]

  • Off the top of my head:
    Photoshop CS5,
    Illustrator CS5,
    Fireworks CS5,


    This has made me think that maybe I don’t really need the CS5 on the dock… I seldom create new files as a web developer mostly I open them…

  • Finder, Chrome (dev), Twitter, Reeder, Skype, iTunes, Evernote, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Kindle for Mac, Trasmission, System Preferences. I also have my Dropbox folder in my dock as well!

    Pretty much everything a Marketing student needs! Though Chrome is used way more than all the others, cannot wait to get a Chrome OS netbook.

  • On Windows 7, I have:
    – Windows Explorer (with my home folder, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, a “Downloads and Programs” library, and Computer pinned to it)
    – Firefox 4
    – Chrome (for when FF4 fails on me)
    – Windows Live Messenger
    – Microsoft Word
    – iTunes
    – uTorrent
    – Dreamweaver CS5
    – Photoshop CS5
    – Flash CS4 (cos CS5 can’t save to CS3 format, so portability sucks :P)

  • My work machine is Ubuntu, and all I have are:
    – Chromium
    – Terminal
    – Keepass

    They’re the apps I use most often *that I’m restarting often*. There’s a lot of other apps that I rely on; mail client, IM client, VirtualBox. But I start them in the morning and keep them running all day. I’d rather take the extra time to dig through menus once a day than have them cluttering the taskbar all the time.

  • For me (Mac) its:

    Team Fortress 2
    World of Warcraft

  • firefox, transmission, gedit, thunderbird, terminal, chromium.

    Everything else I just run after boot, and I reboot once every two months on average – It’s not worth having them in front of me all the time. I just have a quick script that launches them all, and run it when required.

  • I use an option in onyx that only shows the applications that are running. I launch everything using Alfred and have it so the dock automatically hides. I have always thought the dock takes up screen real estate and have unconsciously worked out a way to live without it..

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