Welcome To Takeaway Food Week On Lifehacker

This week is Takeaway Food Week on Lifehacker. In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, we'll be looking at the major categories of fast food in Australia, examining just how healthy (or otherwise) they are, and how you can avoid spending a fortune when you do decide it's time for a junk food fix.

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The series will kick off later today with an in-depth look at Australia's major burger outlets. Throughout this week we'll be tackling everything from pizza to coffee shops, looking at what's on offer and how you can ensure that you make the healthiest, most budget-friendly choices.

The key point I want to make here, right at the start? We're not here to judge. Yes, takeaway food is rarely the healthiest option available — it will almost always be cheaper and more nutritious to make your own. But that's not always an option. If you are going to have fast food, whether that's as a treat or because it's the only breakfast choice near your hotel that doesn't cost $30 for a meal, it's better to make an informed decision.


    It would be fantastic if you could include a coverage of Gluten Free fast food options, I always have a hard time finding something quick, easy and healthy thats gluten free

    i'm looking forward to this

    it's funny how we associate junk food with being "a treat", when in actual fact it's probably the opposite

    a few slices of pizza have more fat than a person should eat in an ENTIRE day

      Nicky thats just completely not true, a large bbq meatlovers pizza contains around 87g fat, that's only just over the minimum daily requirement for me :) Look in to some current research on fat, it's not the cause of heart disease, high cholesterol etc that it has been made out to be.

        You need to consider more than the fat. What about the what they put in the base (likely to contain hydrogenated oils), what their cheese is made of (mmmmmm triple cheese crust) and the preservatives and flavourings that are in the meats.

        I agree that fat isn't a bad thing, but a fast food pizza has a whole lot of crap in it that shouldn't be consumed in large quantities (or that frequently). On the other hand, a nice home made pizza or one from a decent pizza shop shouldn't be a problem.

          You have a valid point Rachel, I was merely commenting on fat intake, people are grossly mislead into thinking fat is evil. I'm not saying people should eat fast food pizza 24/7, however like anything else having it in moderation will not harm you.

        @paul EIGHTY SEVEN GRAMS OF FAT???? i average 20g per day, i have to try really hard to get anywhere near 30g of fat...i don't need research to know that 87g of fat is a vulgar amount


          perhaps you do need to research?

    id also love to see gluten free fast food options get covered!

    Fast an vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free would be great too!
    I know that cuts a lot out - but coverage of some or all of those would be super appreciated!

    I'm also lookin forward to this, I'm a useless cook and have recently become a student again

    oh god just looking at that photo of kfc is driving me wild...

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