Welcome To Takeaway Food Week On Lifehacker

This week is Takeaway Food Week on Lifehacker. In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, we’ll be looking at the major categories of fast food in Australia, examining just how healthy (or otherwise) they are, and how you can avoid spending a fortune when you do decide it’s time for a junk food fix.

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The series will kick off later today with an in-depth look at Australia’s major burger outlets. Throughout this week we’ll be tackling everything from pizza to coffee shops, looking at what’s on offer and how you can ensure that you make the healthiest, most budget-friendly choices.

The key point I want to make here, right at the start? We’re not here to judge. Yes, takeaway food is rarely the healthiest option available — it will almost always be cheaper and more nutritious to make your own. But that’s not always an option. If you are going to have fast food, whether that’s as a treat or because it’s the only breakfast choice near your hotel that doesn’t cost $30 for a meal, it’s better to make an informed decision.

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