Vodafone Makes Calls To Mental Health Emergency Services Free

Vodafone Makes Calls To Mental Health Emergency Services Free

When iiNet rolled out free calls to mental health services last November, we hoped that other providers would follow suit. Vodafone has done that, making calls to Lifeline, Kids Helpline, SANE and the SES (plus Vodafone charity partners Australian Red Cross, Barnardos, Oxfam, Mission Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia) free on its network from March 17. Thumbs up to that.


  • Sounds about right. I signed up to Vodafone for two years a few months ago and imagine it’ll drive me towards a mental health service at some point before the contract is up!

  • Yep,I agree with Tim.
    Myself having had numerous unwanted dealings with Vodapone India(the arm that deals with mobile problems),if you can actually get past LARA the automated voice recognition system that cant recognise you,you will need therapy after LARA.

    Then, forced into communication with Indian Nationals who cant speak or understand English properley,a visit to the Mental Health Unit is a must.

    I hold the record for waiting ,7 HOURS.
    And yes, I made them give me 7 hours of free time as a compromise to their absolutely third rate unbelieveable behaviour.

    Now, I spend my time at the local Mental Health Unit for Anxiety and Depression.

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