vMenu Helps Your Store Takeaway Menus On Your Phone

vMenu Helps Your Store Takeaway Menus On Your Phone

Throughout Takeaway Food Week, we’re looking at the good (and not so good) options you can choose from major takeout chains. If you already have a drawer full of menus from your favourite local restaurants, vMenu is a convenient way to organise them on your iDevice.

The concept is pretty straightforward: you photograph the menus, add notes regarding contact details and any other special quirks, and they’re at hand when you need them. You could accomplish roughly similar results with a mobile note-taking package, but if you order in a lot, having a dedicated app could make sense.

vMenu is a free download for iOS devices.



  • I travel a bit and I use this app it’s great. Having the menu’s at hand is a bonus, no searching for them in hotel rooms. Simple app and it’s free.

    Kudos to the makers of this application

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