Use Your Camera's Timer To Take Steadier Shots

If you have trouble pressing the shutter button down without shaking the camera, reader Mujtaba shares a quick solution: just use your camera's timer.

If you don't have a tripod while taking pictures and can't hold the camera steady when you click the shutter release, try taking pictures with the timer on (set to something low, like three seconds). This helps alot, as it lets me recover from the shake after clicking the shutter-release, and hold the camera steady.

It's not a trick everyone needs, but for the twitchier among us, this is a great way to avoid shaking the camera when you press the shutter down. Photo by das_sabrinchen.


    This is a great tip, i use it all the time when I want a longer exposure time and dont have my tripod with me. I just set up the camera on something semi stable, set the timer to its shortest time and voila, non-shaky pics.

    Yep and good for shooting slow speed night shots and those fluffy waterfall photos too!

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