Use Google Reader’s Bookmarklet Instead Of A Read-Later Service

Use Google Reader’s Bookmarklet Instead Of A Read-Later Service

Bookmark-and-read-later services like Instapaper and Read it Later are nice, but if you’d rather not have another service to regsiter for and another app to install, Lifehacker reader ygolive shows us how to get the same experience with Google Reader.

Since Google Reader strips articles of ads and other formatting anyway, this works pretty well:

I’ve just found out we can use the ‘Notes’ bookmarklet from Google Reader to save everything on the Web for later reading. In office I usually skim through news headlines in Google Reader during free time and star whatever I want to read later at home. Sometimes there are articles outside Google Reader and I hate using another bookmarking service for them. Don’t get me wrong, Instapaper is awesome, and it works with Google Reader so well, but this is the reverse direction.

To set it up, just head to the Notes section in Google reader and drag the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Then you can just use your starred items and notes sections in Reader for the articles you want to read later. Star items you find in reader, and if you see something elsewhere on the net you want to save, just hit the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet. It will add it to your notes section, and if you want to keep them all in one folder, you can quickly star everything in your notes section to consolidate them. Make sure to uncheck the “Add to Shared Items” box when you hit the bookmarklet, though, otherwise you’ll be sharing all those articles with your loyal followers.

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