Use Airplane Mode As An Alternative To Silencing Your Phone

Use Airplane Mode As An Alternative To Silencing Your Phone

On most phones, putting the phone on silent turns off all sounds — even the alarms. Here’s a trick for using your phone as an alarm clock without getting woken up by notifications all through the night.

We’ve mentioned how Airplane Mode can silence your phone while keeping it usable in conversations, but this is another application we never thought of. Since Airplane Mode doesn’t actually silence your phone, it means the alarms will still sound — but you won’t get any incoming notifications. Perfect for when you’re going to sleep and only want to be woken up by your phone once, instead of all through the night. Once you wake up, you can just turn off aeroplane mode and all your emails, text messages and other notifications will come through so you can start your day.

iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week – Silence Your iPhone So you Can Sleep [Mac|Life]


  • I guess thats fine if you don’t care if someone you care about has an emergency and needs your help.
    Silent mode on the iPhone doesn’t silence the native alarm, so its still a good option if you don’t use a 3rd party alarm.

    3rd party alarms are pretty unreliable on an iPhone (though i guess around daylight savings time so is the native alarm), i used to use Best Alarm but i’m back to native now.

    Apple need to do 4 things related to this.
    1) Provide the ability to silence email notifications during certain times (all emails or allow emails marked with high importance to make a noise [and for gods sake please show us the importance marker on emails])

    2) Provide ability to silence push notifications during certain times (but allow users to allow certain apps to override it)

    3) Allow alarm apps to make themselves in front when the alarm goes off (and start up if needed), this should be configurable by the app (so a user can say if they want this particular alarm to force app in front), and some kind of lock screen bypass to acknowledge the alarm (eg we could have math questions/puzzle to disable), but once alarm acknowledged the phone would be locked again, although i admit depending how its implemented could be a security issue if you need a code to unlock.

    4) Fix the bloody alarm issues once and for all (as i imagine number 3 would use a special kind of alarm to enact itself.

    I miss gAlarm from my Windows Mobile days sure it was hampered by the buggy WM6 notifications/low memory issues. But it was infinitely better than the native alarm on WM6, and still a lot better than the internal iPhone alarm.

  • I use Profile Valet (Android) to automate turning down notification sounds overnight at a set time…
    It also reduces the volume of the ringtone.

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