TV Feed Is A Bare Bones TV Guide

You don't have to look very hard to find TV listings online, but they're often part of heavily cluttered portal sites. TV Feed offers a basic listing of what's on free-to-air or pay TV in your area.

There's five days worth of advance listings for each state and territory, divided across four times of day (morning, afternoon, evening and late evening), which makes for a pretty easy single-screen guide. Clicking on a title pops up a basic description of the episode.

My main gripe with TV Feed is that because it uses an alphabetical channel listing, it's hard to work out just where any given channel is in the list. Grouping the channels as mainstream-second digital-other, or even just grouping linked channels together, would be more helpful.

TV Feed


    Sorry,.. I find it too convoluted for my taste. Besides, I doubt it will be any more accurate than any of the others when it comes to start/Finnish times..!! :[

    Thumbs down from me.

    Have to reset the state every time I use it. Haven't they heard of cookies.

    @Nodeity: Finnish times? Try

    @Fibbs: It picked up I was in TAS straight away. Though I suspect it detects your location based off your IP address, not as a personal preference saved in cookies (in which case it'll probably tell me I'm in VIC when I try it at home).

    I like the layout, ads are minimal and not overbearing. Alphabetic channel listing isn't a deal breaker, though the ability to hide some channels would be handy. I really couldn't care less whats on NiTV - especially considering I don't receive it, and the guide is empty for that channel anyway.

      Erm,.. I presume that's an example of "convoluted",.. :]

        Heh, sorry it was the only example of a TV guide from Finland I could find :P

    Too little too late. Beem ought to work better and you don't have to think about "channels".

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