TripView For Android Tracks Sydney Public Transport

TripView For Android Tracks Sydney Public Transport

Popular timetable app TripView has been available for quite some time on the iPhone, but it’s only recently become available for download on the Android Market. No more loading mobile-unfriendly web pages for on-the-go travel information!

Like the iPhone app, TripView is a fully featured and user-friendly alternative to sites like and and comes complete with up-to-date info on service interruptions, trackwork and interactive network maps. It may take some time to understand all the customisation options, but you’ll quickly find it to be an indispensable part of your public transport routine.

The paid version ($2.49) removes advertisements, lets you save your trips and displays platform numbers, but otherwise the free version offers the same functionality.

TripView [Android Market]


  • awesome app. Been using it since the iphone days, and now onto android. worth the money. only thing is – does anyone know how to check up a one off train? its annoying that i need to say the route before i can see when the next train is. Jumping around the Sydney CBD, i dont want to keep adding different stations for the one off trip.

  • I’ve been running this app some some time to get train schedules. Nice interface and easy to use. IMHO it’s best option for people in Sydney.

    I wonder when timetable will be available on Google Maps, but I thinh it’s unlikely considering that public transport timetable considered *copyrighted* material here in Australia, unlike other countries 🙁

  • Been very happily running “Go! Sydney” for ages. It works well for trains as far as Goulburn, Wollongong, Newcastle and Lithgow. Completely free, but doesn’t have the pretty network map.

  • There is an app called TrainView that will run on any phone that supports Java MIDP 2.0 and has a screen resolution 176×200 or higher.

    It features the scrolling blue display that we all recognise from many on-platform displays, as well as a full timetable viewer that you can browse. It has timetable data for all CityRail lines, and you can save your favourite lines/stations to switch between them quickly.

    It may not have all the bells and whistles that TripView has, but it’s great for people who don’t have an iPhone or Android.

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