The Internet Wishlist Helps Make Your Ideas Happen

If you've ever had an idea you've wanted to see turned into software or a webapp, the Internet Wishlist is a site that wants to help make your dreams come true.

The Internet Wishlist isn't about making money off your ideas, but allowing smart people to find your ideas and turn them into reality. If you're okay with giving your idea away for free, with the possibility of seeing it made into something you can actually use, go post on the Internet Wishlist. You may just get what you ask for. If you're a developer, or just like reading people's ideas (which are sometimes pretty funny), you can subscribe via RSS.

The Internet Wishlist [via Swissmiss]


    My Wish:
    I wish there was a dual pane extension for Microsoft Explorer :]

      Actually I just found this little App called "Windows Double Explorer" - "" - a little rough around the edges but quite functional. :)

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