The Basics Of Video Editing Part V: Additional Resources

This week we tackled the basics of video editing with professional video editing software and covered a lot of ground. If you've learned a few things and want to keep learning more, here are some additional resources to help you out.Before we get into the additional resources, if you want a PDF of all the notes for these lessons you can download it here.

This week we looked at Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, but there are definitely other options for professional-level video editing. Here are a few more pieces of editing software you might want to check out if Final Cut and Premiere aren't doing it for you:

Please suggest others in the comments if you feel they should be included in this list.

If you want to learn more about video editing on various platforms, here are some places to do it:

  • - Lynda costs money but they do an excellent job. Plus, if you set the time aside, you can get a monthly plan and pack in a lot of training for the cost of one month (which is around $US30, depending on what plan you choose).
  • DVCreators - DVCreators has a lot of training they sell, but they also have a very good forum that you can use for free to ask questions and learn new things.
  • DMN Final Cut Pro Channel
  • Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group
  • Creative Cow
  • Video Copilot - For learning After Effects, if you want to dive into motion graphics and effects a bit more.

If you have any other great resources for learning video editing, please share them in the comments.

We'll be posting the full guide early next week, but now we're done with this week's video editing lessons. Thanks for learning with us!


    Good summary of editing basics.

    I would recommend Video Copilot as a great resource for after effects... it's where i found my feet.

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