Telstra Summarises Status Of Phone Updates On A Single Page

Telstra Summarises Status Of Phone Updates On A Single Page

We spend a lot of time here at Lifehacker wondering when various models of phones will get OS updates, and frankly it’s amazing that we haven’t seen this sooner: Telstra now has a page detailing when updates will be released for its current line of phones.

It would be more helpful if there were fewer ‘TBC’ dates and a little more specific information than just the target release month, but even so it’s an improvement on the previous method of hunting down confirmation on Twitter posts and random blog updates. Unsurprisingly, Apple isn’t featured, but since it controls its own software updates, that’s understandable. Thanks Beau for the spot!

Telstra (go to the Software Updates tab)


  • Did you notice the site also has the HTC HD7 listed as “Testing” the update yet the NoDo Update was already on the phone out of the box….

  • Exactly what testing do they do? Pretty much none at all, apart from the crap applications they pollute the phone with. They hold back the updates in the hope that you will buy a new “better” phone with the updates already installed.
    Really, the carriers need to be removed from this process, but it seems only Apple has the clout to do this.

    • Actually they do a lot of validation ensuring that the firmware is not going to spam their network with packets, send signals on the wrong frequencies, crash their carrier hardware.

      There are a couple of different documented cases of certain chipsets in certain phones interacting badly with a Motorola contoller, or an Alcatel Lucent controller etc etc

      Telstra’s consistent testing is the reason their network is so good..

      That said I agree with you, carriers need to be removed from this process..

  • Hi folks,

    I’ve just posted this over at Gizmodo, but thought I’d wade in here too.

    As the main Moderator of the feedback forum ( where the request for this page spawned from – and the guy who pushed to get this delivered so quickly – I just wanted to let you know that the page will be updated when new information comes to light.

    The page does have quite a few TBC’s, but the intent was to get our smartphone users what information was available, as quickly as possible – and that meant going out with some gaps in the page.


    [email protected]

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