Telstra Adding Visual Voicemail To iPhone Service This Week

Telstra Adding Visual Voicemail To iPhone Service This Week

Telstra hasn’t yet officially confirmed it online, but some Twitter users have reported that visual voicemail is now available as an option for their Telstra iPhone accounts — for an additional $5 a month.It’s our understanding that the feature will be officially announced this week, and we’ll update this post with confirmed details and a link once we know more. Update: Telstra has confirmed the service, to be known as MessageBank Plus. Note that it’s only available to postpaid users.

Visual voicemail was one of the main selling points for the original iPhone in the US, but to date in Australia Vodafone has been the only carrier to offer it, and that rollout experienced quite a few problems.


    • “just to be able to see who called you?”

      You obviously don’t understand the Visual Voicemail product, it’s far more than that.

      (Really, all smartphones are capable of this type of thing, ant there should be much more of it.)

    • I guess this would appeal to those who don’t want to pay 89¢/min calling MessageBank to listen to crap messages that were meant for someone else or hangups.

  • Seems like a logical decision by Telstra. I bet the system costs money to licence on a per-user basis, and you have to get quite a bit of voicemail for visual voicemail to be a particularly useful enhancement over the standard one, really…

    Now, as for Telstra still charging a monthly fee for calling line identifier on landlines, 15 years on, when every other telco offers it for free, what is THAT about?!

    • My understanding (and I could be wrong because last I read about it was when Vodafone got it) was that visual voicemail was essentially a special email account that had the voice message as an attachment. An enterprising user setup a visual voicemail ‘portal’ for 3 sometime back.

  • i am an android user i would LOVE to get visual voicemail, but if its $5 a pop for iphone users i would expect it will be equally as over priced for everone else. I would only be prepaired to pay a nominal fee ($2 or less). I can’t understand why this is that expensive really.

  • I want this so that I don’t have to listen to some infuriating digitised voice saying ” message……… received……… today ……….at…… 3……..p…m” as slowly as humanly possible between each phone call in order to rack up as many time based charges to your account as possible

  • I’d love it but i get almost no voice mail, partly because i always answer the phone when it rings. So bollocks to $5 a month.

    Great news for people that use a lot of voice mail though.

  • $5.00 a month is really, REALLY way too much. Especially when I’m already on an expensive enough plan.

    But then again, I suppose AT&T people get this for nothing and pay for tethering, whilst Telstra gives us tethering for nothing and charges us for Visual Voicemai.

    Still seems pricey though 🙁

    • AT&T include unlimited data to the phone. To my knowledge Telstra doesn’t (I know I buy a separate data pack to get 5GB). Thus why they charge extra for tethering.

      When I used AT&T in the States, I thought visual voice mail was pretty nifty, but I currently don’t get enough voice mail to warrant $5 a month for it.

  • $5 a month is ridiculous. Ongoing costs are probably *less* if people are using Visual Voicemail.

    Technically, VV is just accessing your voicemail via IMAP, like it’s an email mailbox. The cost would have been in adding an IMAP gateway to their existing voicemail database. Once that work is done, people are now checking their voicemail by using a small amount of data instead of an extended voice call listening to a slow woman tell you what numbers to press.

    But at a glance it looks like some kind of revolutionary new feature, so Telstra think they can get away with charging for it. Let’s not let them.

    Lifehacker, can you press them for an explanation why they’re charging $5 a month for a service that doesn’t add any ongoing costs?

  • I have this currently setup so when i have a voice message it comes up as an email on my iphone that i can then listen to…i’m with Three. Settings are…

    POP account
    username: [email protected]
    password: 4 digit pin
    SSL: off
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port:110

  • I get a lot of voicemail at work, and I need to prioritise it. So this is great for me – $5 will easily cover the cash I save from dialing 101 all the time anyway.

    My problem is that every time I call Telstra to try to get it turned on, they act as if they’ve never heard of the service. Same with the store. It literally doesn’t seem to exist despite the press release.

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