SugarSync Cloud Storage Gives Your IPhone 5GB Of Tightly-Integrated Storage

SugarSync, a more selective (and bigger, at 5 GB) cloud storage and syncing app, has updated its iPhone and iPad apps with tighter, iOS-centric features.

You can now grab files from your other computers' SugarSync storage and attach them to emails, send your stored photos into the "Camera Roll" for your phone/pad, and remotely copy, edit, or delete files on other systems. It's a free update which requires a free SugarSync account.



    I used SugarSync for backup and cloud access for a year - it was great. Their product is fantastic and it looks like it keeps getting better and better.

    Unforunately, their support and payment systems are hopeless. It was literally impossible for me to keep using them - despite my desperate attempts, they could not take my money. Those attempts were made even more frustrating by the fact their support team often takes a fortnight to respond.

    For the curious - their problem is that they can't deal with debit cards. It's a problem I've hit with exactly 2 merchants in my ten years or so of using a Visa Debit card. Some like to verify your card by charging and refunding a tiny amount before putting through the full amount. Debit cards don't like that. The other merchant I had this problem with (and even SugarSync the first time I bought a year with them) had the brains to simply accept my payment once I raised the issue with them. Then a drunk monkey took over SugarSync's support team and decided they didn't like having paying customers.

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