Store Personal Details In Your Own Contacts Entry

Store Personal Details In Your Own Contacts Entry

Store Personal Details In Your Own Contacts EntryYou know your own phone number and email address, so why would you have an entry for yourself in your contacts? For Lifehacker reader Ben, the answer is that it’s a handy place to keep other personal information.

As he explains:

I store myself as a contact in my address book. There I keep non-sensitive information such as work personnel numbers, or account numbers for other organisations. Funnily enough I find myself looking myself up in my address book quite often!

As Ben suggests, this might not be a good idea for more crucial data such as your tax file number or passport number, though if you’ve secured your phone with a password then there shouldn’t be too much risk. I personally keep these kinds of details in a text file stored on my phone, but using contacts is a pretty elegant solution. Thanks Ben!


  • Great idea! I’ve been doing this for a while now. But while I can access all of the info on a computer my Android truncates notes to only 4 lines.

  • Also, if you name it “me” or something like that, there is a chance that someone might return it to you if lost. Similarly, if you add “wife/husband” to their entry, it might also help if you loose the phone.
    [I don’t hold huge hopes but there are still some good people. This does fall down if you have your phone locked though. 😉 ]

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