RSS Icon Brings Quick RSS Access Back To Firefox’s Address Bar

RSS Icon Brings Quick RSS Access Back To Firefox’s Address Bar

Firefox 4: If you’re a big fan of RSS, you’ve probably noticed that Firefox 4 did away with the handy RSS address bar icon that gave you quick access to all RSS feeds on a page. This extension brings it back.Firefox 3’s RSS icon was hugely helpful when you wanted to grab an RSS feed from a page, but it looks like Mozilla has officially removed it from Firefox 4. Now, you have to manually search all your favourite sites for their RSS feeds, which isn’t fun.

RSS Icon brings the Firefox 3-style RSS icon back to Firefox 4. It acts just like it did in version 3: if there’s an RSS feed available, it will show up in the address bar. Clicking on it will either take you to the feed or give you a choice of which feed you want to view (if there is more than one available).

RSS Icon is a free download for Firefox 4.

RSS Icon [Firefox Add-Ons]


  • There actually is an RSS button in FF4, it’s just hidden by default. It can be placed next to the address bar (not in it).

    It’s still not as good as this icon, but just for the people who think it’s been entirely done away with.

  • Sorry vileseagulls, but the FF4 “subscribe” RSS button shows up for ALL pages regardless of whether there is an RSS feed available or not. Only god knows why the developers of FF4 would remove a perfectly working features and replace it with NOTHING (well OK the bookmark dropdown shows it ghosted when it’s not available but that’s it).

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