Read It Later Officially Brings Their Offline Article Reader To Android

Both popular bookmark-and-read-later apps Read It Later and Instapaper have gotten away focusing on the web and iOS until now. Read It Later has broke that pattern with an Android app, letting you save and read articles offline no matter where you are.Read It Later has actually had a BlackBerry and WebOS app for a while, but oddly neither service seems to have rushed out an official app for Android, so Android users have been kind of left in the dust (with the exception of some third party apps). Now, though Android users can get in on all the link-saving, Google Reader-integrating, offline reading goodness. Just use their bookmarklet or browser extension on the desktop to save an article, and you can read it anywhere you go, without crazy formatting, ads, and with all the images and videos intact. Hit the link to check it out.

Read It Later Pro is a $0.99 app for Android devices.

Read It Later Pro


    Its typical that Read It Later decide to release an android app just a week after I make the switch over to Instapaper.

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