Preview Open Tabs In Firefox When Cycling Through Them With Ctrl+Tab

Ctrl+Tab is handy for cycling through your Firefox tabs, but Lifehacker reader Teejmya shows us that with a small about:config tweak in Firefox 4, you can get really nice Alt+Tab style preview when you use it.

In Firefox 4 (b12 at least), if you hop into about:config and change browser.ctrlTab.previews to true, then Ctrl+Tab changes tabs with a very nice looking little popup.

It's a simple tweak that takes about five seconds, but boy does it make Ctrl+Tab switching much easier to use!


    Works in 3.6 too (I'm using 3.6.14)

    yeah just found it works in v3.6.15 too, pretty cool!

    Great article!
    Works great in 5.0
    lets ctrl+tab switch to the last active tab so makes add ons like tab mix plus obsolete for me :)

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