PHP Biggest Source Of Demand For Freelance Programmers


Fancy working as a freelance programmer but not sure which skills you should specialise in? One freelance jobs site suggests that PHP is the area with the biggest demand.

Outsourcing site recently notched up its one-millionth project, and analysed the jobs that had been posted to identify the categories that were most in demand. On its analysis, the top five project categories were:

  1. PHP (8.9%)
  2. Website design (7.4%)
  3. Graphic design (4.5%)
  4. Data entry (3.9%)
  5. Copywriting (3.5%)

As a budding programmer, there's two ways you could interpret this list. You might think "PHP is hugely in demand, so I ought to brush up on my skills". Or you might think "Competition in that category will be fierce and the pay rates will be minimal -- I'm better off picking a less competitive niche." The latter is actually the approach suggested by's founder.


  • seems to be all about how fast can the price of developing software be driven down without accounting for quality.
    Anyone can hack together PHP pages, few can do a good job at coding it properly.
    Typical freelance projects pushed by sites like this lack quality, after project completion support, documentation. They are also often difficult to maintain or build on.
    Places like will be the death of the IT industry.

  • I started out as a php programmer, and I still do a lot of php work although most of my work is done in now. I think there is a lot of competition out there on the web for php, so you really need to fight for it.

    Imo there is definitely work out there for it but it’s not where the money is at. It is definitely a useful web language to know and I would easily recommend any new developer interested in the web to learn php mostly because of it’s ease and I personally found it easy to move onto other things afterwards.

    Also once you know php you know many other great platforms like wordpress, joomla ect.

  • php is a restrictive choice. As a programming language it is horrible; especially as a starting one.

    As a web-page templating language (all it should be), it does an excellent job. Unfortunately that’s all it’s good at: providing a syntactical shortcut to mixing code with presentation (which is bad in most cases anyway). PHP is worth the investment if you are content with hacking together websites.

    But anyone who aspires to get into serious development with potential uses outside of web,do yourself a favor and focus on more serious languages. Java, C#, Python can all do web very well, along with heaps of other areas, and you aren’t restricting yourself to a bloated Hypertext Preprocessor.

  • Lol, This is title for this article “PHP Biggest Source Of Demand For Freelance Programmers”. So people reading this article are not interested in which language is better, this article is about the language that will help you make money as freelancer… And PHP is the number. You can go to freelance websites and search for the more in demand language and PHP/Wordpress demands are HOT………

  • PHP is awesome. You don’t have to be brialliant to use it and it doesn’t change overnight like asp, asp 2.0,, 3.0 or whatever its up to now. You don’t need propietary, bloated software clogging up your system. And , what, it can’t scale ? Umm, Facebook, one of the biggest distributed apps on the planet (I know theres lots of other technologies used by Facebook, but PHP and Mysql are at the very heart). And the Java vs .Net taking over the planet hype is all but passed. PHP is the way to go my friend. And theres rotten code ? There’s rotten, clunky code with outdated equipment using kludges and hacks all over the planet that don’t follow theoretical separate presentation/ business Model View Controller or exactly 4 tier systems. The internet was built on this band aid philosophy. Thats my 2 bobs worth anyway. Sure to stir up a hornets nest.

  • PHP definately is one of the most common programming languages when it comes to freelancing. We also run an IT-projectboard (www.freelancermap,com) where our clients publish remote projects and contract assignments in the fields of ICT and SAP. PHP projects are among the top 5!

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