Paste HTML Is Free Testing Ground For HTML, CSS, JavaScript Code

Perhaps you've recently learned to code and want to play around with those skills. Paste HTML is a tool that'll let you paste or type in some HTML and publish it anonymously on the web so you can see what that code can do.

The process couldn't be more simple. All you have to do is visit Paste HTML, enter some code, publish it, and look at what you made. Paste HTML supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can even use Markdown if you want. It's a very simple tool with a very simple purpose, so if you need to play around and don't have a web server handy, Paste HTML is a great resource to have in your web development bookmarks.

Paste HTML [via Hacker News]


    ...or use w3schools like everyone else

    Or use which has instant preview, unlike w3s or pastHTML.

    You don't need a web server to develop or test HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Just a web browser and a text editor.

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