Over-The-Air iTunes-Syncing App Now Free For Android

Android and Windows/Mac: Previously mentioned Music WithMe — one of the best ways to sync your Android device with iTunes over Wi-Fi and 3G — is now completely free.The app used to cost $US15, but now you can download the Android app (and its Windows or OS X helper app) and sync up your music with iTunes, no matter where you are. If you're still looking for that holy grail of iTunes syncing for Android, definitely give this app a look now that it's free. And for more information, you can check out our original review of the program. [Music WithMe via Andronica]


    This app requires a Facebook login. Fine. However it also wants access to a heap of personal information and the ability to post to my profile.

    I'd rather pay for an app that just does what I want it to do than hand over a bunch of personal data and let it advertise itself to my nearest and dearest.

    Uninstalled straight away.

    Apparently you need a Facebook account to login to Music WithMe. Not interested.

    Only uses Facebook to login, so forced to use it to use this app. Sucks.

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