Nexus S Has An Australian Price, But You Can't Buy It Outright

As we reported earlier today, the Vodafone Nexus S goes on sale this Friday. As well as the 24-month contract plans, there are also 12-month deals available. But if you don't want to sign a contract, the situation becomes confusing.

According to Vodafone, the Nexus S has a recommended retail price of $699, which is roughly the sort of amount we'd expect. However, Vodafone's spokesperson emphasised that "it's only available on contract" — there won't be an outright buy option on offer. That makes us wonder if there's any sense in quoting an RRP, other than to claim potential savings over the life of a contract. If nothing else, I guess it gives people who decide to import the phone themselves a benchmark price for comparison.


    For those wanting a Nexus S that is Next G compliant, I saw this article about 5-10 minutes ago at Ausdroid

    In my experience, if you walk in to a Vodafone store and give them your details as an existing customer, they will let you buy any phone outright. Even the ones that they say are only available on plans.

    "Only available on contract" Ahh yes, the true dick Telco thing to do, wouldn't expect anything less really.

      Seriously? Complaining about telcos bundling phones with their product rather than being a phone shop?

        Yeah pretty much. You know heaven forbid we could just walk into a store and buy something without having to sign a contract for a service we don't want. To put simply, it's a dick thing to do, That's how I feel and if anyone feels any differently then they are entitled to do so.

    you can buy them on ebay completely unlocked with a local one year warranty. Why get stuck with vodafone. a phone is only as good as the network its on.and we all know about the Vodafone network don't we??

    If I buy this phone outright is it unlocked so I can use my sim card?

    A bit old a thread but just wanted to state that I did purchase my Nexus S outright for $699 at a 3/Voda store...sure there was a bit of an argument with the sales assistant regarding a contract, but it seems the simplest way was to suggest that you already have a voda pre-paid sim to put into it

    The strange thing is Vodafone offer this for $0 upfront on a $29/month plan - total cost over $24 months is $626 - so get one from Vodafone, pay the $626 and get it unlocked immediately

    Make that $696... Still, less than RRP

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