MoneySmart Offers Budget Planners And Calculators With An Aussie Focus

MoneySmart Offers Budget Planners And Calculators With An Aussie Focus

Managing finances is largely a matter of careful planning, but it’s still something that many of us struggle with. The government-backed MoneySmart site covers a large amount of ground in covering basic financial management for Australians, looking at everything from personal budget planning to debt management to superannuation.

As it’s a non-commercial site, MoneySmart does not have listings of individual products like credit cards or mortgage offers. However, that also means that (unlike most comparison sites) it doesn’t drown you in advertising. It also means that the advice, while general, is specifically tailored to current Australian laws, which is often not the case if you just do some random Google searching.

Many of the calculators on the site can also be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets if you want your own copy. There’s also lots of PDF resources and links to other government sites with relevant advice. If you spot a particularly handy webapp in MoneySmart’s depths, let us know in the comments.



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    Here are some of the web apps we think Lifehackers will find useful:

    Retirement planner – Find out how healthy your finances will be in retirement and what you can do to boost them.

    Interest-free deal mobile calculator – Find out what your interest-free deal will really cost you.

    Savings goal calculator – Find out how fast you can save for your next big purchase, whether it’s an overseas trip, a home deposit or a new car.

    Personal loan calculator – Find out the repayments on a personal loan.

    Mortgage calculator – Find out the repayments on a home loan. See what they will be if interest rates change.

    Please tell us what you think about them here:

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