Make Your Pancake Tuesday Pancakes More Exciting With These Fillings

Make Your Pancake Tuesday Pancakes More Exciting With These Fillings

Make Your Pancake Tuesday Pancakes More Exciting With These FillingsTomorrow is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday, which is still a popular excuse to chow down on some pancakes. If you want a more adventurous approach than lemon and better or maple syrup, Coles’ blog has seven more striking variations on a pancake-centric theme.

Personally, I will not be going anywhere Nutella on a pancake, but I’m definitely tempted by the thought of cream cheese, ham and chives. Given that it’s also National Bacon Week, I might vary the recipe with a little bacon. Hit the link for some other thoughts, and share your favourite pancake fillings in the comments.

7 Pancake Toppings to Try [Coles Blog]


  • How convenient, I bought a new pancake pan today!

    One of my favourites is sultanas in the batter with a topping of crunchy peanut-butter.
    Also peanut-butter and apple sauce works great as well. Or cooking a whole banana and wrapping the peanut-butter laden pancake around that. Or peanut-butter with choc-chips in the batter.
    Basically add peanut-butter to all your other toppings and you’ll be fine.

  • If you truly are Australian I strongly suggest my favourite topping:

    Vegemite and butter topped with maple syrup. Perfect match of sweet and savoury to start the day.

    • I love vegemite.. and maple.. and strange combos.. but even that I can’t consider..

      I’ve noticed in the past that if I use a knife for vegemite after honey or jam I have to wash it otherwise it ruins my vegemite toast 🙁

      I still want to try it though – anything once!

  • Why not Nutella? Sounds yummy. Anything chocolaty goes well with pancakes. The guy in the picture *must* know – his business model is built around that assumption.

  • I prefer crepes to pancakes. This is what I like on them:

    Grate up a granny smith apple, add some jam, heat until it bubbles. Spread some on your crepe/panacake then add a thin layer of ice cream.
    Roll and enjoy.

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