Make Your Bed In Less Than A Minute Using Military Tricks

If making the bed every morning seems like a difficult and tedious chore, weblog The Art of Manliness shares some tips on how to make your bed quickly and tightly using a few military tricks.

We've already shown you how to use hospital corners for a crisply made bed, and that's one of the keys to this process. Hospital corners keep the sheets tight and unruffled, but The Art of Manliness shares a few other tricks to making your bed quickly (and keeping it that way:

Most people make their bed by walking around it and straightening things out as they go. All that shuffling just wastes time.

To make your bed quickly, use this trick I learned from a dorm mate I had in college: simply make your bed while you're still in it. When you wake up, just sit up in your bed and straighten everything out. It's actually easier to do this while sitting in your bed's centre than standing on its side. Once you have everything nice and straight, fold the top of the sheet and blanket down and slide out from underneath. When you get out, tuck the sides of the sheet back underneath the mattress. Bada bing! Instantly made bed.

They also recommend actually safety pinning your hospital cornered-sheets to the mattress, which keeps you from having to remake the sheets every morning (though that may not be ideal on all sets of sheets). Hit the link to read more, and share your bed-making tips in the comments. Photo by Tara Hunt.

How to Make a Bed You Can Bounce a Quarter Off Of [The Art of Manliness]


    One word:


      I'm totally pro-doona, but still find the "making your bed as you exit it" strategy works well with one.

    My strategy of not bothering seems to be working marvelously.

    For the sake of your health UNMAKE your bed.
    "Failing to make your bed in the morning may actually help keep you healthy, scientists believe."

    I'm too tall to sleep comfortably in a bed that's tucked in, but I can flick a doona over the bed in ~5 seconds, and it's "made".

      +1 and being 6'4'' ive decided I am to tall for a single bed haha.

    Fitted sheet plus a duvet (or two in winter). Hardest part is putting the duvet cover on.

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