Make Sure You’re Prepared For Disaster With A 72-Hour Kit

After Japan's earthquake and tsunami yesterday afternoon and recent events in Queensland and New Zealand, the need for disaster preparation could nog be clearer. If you don't have an adequate emergency kit in your home, this site will help you put one together so you're prepared.

After a major disaster, emergency response units are usually spread pretty thin, so recommends you plan to be on your own for 72 hours. That means keeping in contact with someone outside the boundaries of the emergency, making a household plan, making your home safe, and putting together a disaster supply kit. will walk you through the entire process, so you can stay calm and collected and make sure you have everything you need — beyond the obvious food, water, first aid and into the other useful items like liquid bleach, duct tape and a crowbar. Hit the link to see the entire process, and spread it around to everyone you know that may be affected by the coming storm.

72 Hours [via @willsmith]


    I got my survival kit from ... its a ripper!!!

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