Lifehacker's Editor And Other Luminaries Discuss The Future Of The Web

9x9 is a neat little video project where yours truly and eight other local Internet notables answer nine questions about how we use the web now and how we see it evolving in the future. Immodestly, I recommend you check it out. []


    There seems to be no way to increase the volume on those videos

      Volume knob on your speakers?

    Love it!

    Love the concept, especially.

    The only downside I have to point out is that on my ADSL1 connection, there's nothing for me to do while I'm waiting for the video to download. Maybe a transcript, or a written discussion between those in the videos about the loading question? If I wasn't a fan of LH + AK + the questions, I would have left after the first person's first question :(

      Thanks for the feedback Jess. We'll look into improving the UX on many levels including this. We got this out the door pretty quick and will improve it over time. We have a bunch of work to do around preloading. We'll get there, thanks again for your positive feedback.

        Not a problem - glad to help :)

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