Legify Is An Index Of Current Australian Legislation

You can search for Australian legislation using Google, but you'll often get an odd mixture of official sites, legal discussion papers and irrelevant overseas material. Legify is a specialised search engine covering current Australian state and federal legislation, complete with Google Instant-like immediate results and keyboard navigation.

You can filter search results by state or territory, and choose whether to view acts or regulations. Once you've selected a relevant link, you're directed to the copy hosted by the relevant national or state authority.

My resource for Australian law-related searches has always been AustLII, and that remains handy if you want to look at court decisions and earlier versions of legislation. But Legify is appealing precisely because it only seeks out current legislation based on the name, so it's a great supplement to AustLII's more complex coverage.



    IANAL - but I'll be sticking to AustLII (http://www.austlii.edu.au). Legislation without the supporting material that is provided on that site is like a fish without a bicycle. Ummm... Err...

      That site links back to officially published versions of each piece of legislation (and makes them much MUCH more pleasant to browse).

      It doesn't touch on any court decisions, sure, but for the purposes of finding legislation, I'd recommend it over AustLII, which just republishes and at any given time, might be out of date.

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