Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

Two new products dominated the last seven days — Firefox 4 and iPad 2 — but neither was in our most popular story of the week. Get your Monday going by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Inside Internode’s Orange-Hued Adelaide Offices
    There’s no mistaking where you are when you visit Internode’s headquarters in the Adelaide CBD — the company’s trademark shade of orange is everywhere. Step inside for a photo tour through the offices of Lifehacker readers’ favourite Internet service provider.
  2. How To Fix Annoyances With Firefox 4′s New Look
    Firefox 4 has a lot going for it, but many of you (and us) mentioned that its UI has a few quirks that are a little annoying. Here’s how to fix some of the worst offenders.
  3. Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 4, IE9, Chrome 11 And More
    It has been quite a month for browsers, with Internet Explorer and Firefox both dropping big new versions, and Chrome and Opera continuing their regular improvements. We tested all these browsers’ startup and tab-loading times, JavaScript powers, and memory use for your fast-minded enjoyment.
  4. Apple Sets iPad 2 Pricing For Australia
    With just over two days to go until the iPad 2 launches in Australia on Friday, Apple has finally set local pricing for the device. The weird thing? If you go to an Apple Store to buy it, you’ll have to wait until 5pm.
  5. Google M-Lab Shows Broadband Speeds Across The World
    Nearly 2000 people have taken part in the Lifehacker Speed Wave, which currently claims an average download speed for our readers of 29.6Mb/s. The median speed of around 9Mb/s is probably closer to the mark but still high, based on newly-updated visualisation tools from Google which let you examine broadband performance across the world
  6. What’s New And Awesome In Firefox 4
    The latest version of Firefox drops today, and it’s got a lot going for it, including a more minimalistic interface, synchronisation and a serious speed increase. Here’s what you have to look forward to in Firefox 4.
  7. Cheaper iPad 2 Options From Big W, Optus
    As we’ve already noted, the iPad 2 will be in short supply on launch day. But there’s a couple of potential areas where you can save money on the tablet itself or the SIM to go with it, courtesy of Big W and Optus.
  8. Elune Is A Simple, Beautiful Theme For Windows 7
    If you’re looking for an attractive visual style for your Windows 7 desktop, Elune is simple glassy theme by deviantART user minhtrimatrix that’ll give your computer a relaxing, natural feel.
  9. Cook The Perfect Steak: Salting, Searing And Poking Myths Debunked
    To cook the absolute best steak you can, should you salt before, during or after cooking? Use butter or oil while searing? And what’s the deal with poking the steak with a fork during cooking?
  10. Lifehacker’s Complete iPad 2 Launch Day Guide
    Apple’s second-generation tablet, the iPad 2, goes on sale today in Australia at 5pm. If you’re already in a queue waiting to buy one, you’ve obviously already made up your mind: for everyone else, here’s what you need to know.

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