Kogan Offering Free Cables To Some JB Hi-Fi Customers

Online retailer Ruslan Kogan has been engaged in a war of words with JB Hi-Fi recently, and that has some potentially useful practical consequences if you have purchased a TV from JB this year: Kogan will send you a free HDMI cable.

HDMI cables are one of the more obvious electronic rorts — since they transmit a digital signal, spending hundreds of dollars on a "premium" cable is unlikely to make much practical difference. We've suggested buying them via eBay from Hong Kong, and I certainly wouldn't advise grabbing one from a large mainstream store.

If you happen to have purchased a TV from JB in 2011, Kogan is offering a free 3 metre HDMI cable — you just have to email a copy of the receipt before March 31. (Note that will mean you'll end up on a Kogan mailing list — if that concerns you, you could use a disposable email address.)



    Marketing genius. Though I'm definitely in the buy cheap cables camp.

    I went on the Kogan site to see if you could buy the cables as well. At $3 they are a bargain. However when it comes to checkout Kogan are charging $5.70 per cable. Not per order, per cable.

    Order 10 for $30 and your shipping is $57. That leaves quite a bitter taste in your mouth. If it was just $9 a cable its still a good deal, but I have a distaste for anyone who comments on the money grabbing policies of one store when their own has gremlins too.

      I think this kind of postage rate is pretty standard for online stores as I reckon they are not designed to take into account bulk orders. I rekon if you contacted them for a quote on a bulk order, they would be able to offer a better postage and handling rate... There is no harm asking.

    Not a HDMI cable, but check out this network cable at Amazon. . . $10,000!!!
    Have a read through the comments. Theyre gold!

    But you only have to search through the HDMI cables at Amazon and see the original price vs the discounted price. Some are even $80 discounted to $6.
    People are no longer being sucked in by them.

    Yay! I bought a 50" plasma from JB this year, a free cable for me. (I also made JB give me a free cable, price match another retailer, and give me a discounted bluray player).

    For those interested, here's what they said in their reply email once I submitted my receipt:

    "Once we have verified your purchase your FREE HDMI cable will be sent to you within 7-14 days. By accepting this offer you are agreeing to receive email newsletters and fantastic special offers from Kogan. If you wish to stop receiving these deals you can of course unsubscribe at any time."

    Once I have the cable, I'll be contacting them asking to be unsubscribed from both phone and email promotions.

      Cable arrived in less than 48hrs. <3 Kogan.

        A quick email asking to be removed from their email & phone marketing, then an hour later it's done.

        Quick, with a clean getaway. Perfect.

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