Just How Fast Are Lifehacker Readers’ Net Connections?

Just How Fast Are Lifehacker Readers’ Net Connections?

Yesterday we invited you to compare your speed to other readers on the Lifehacker Speed Wave, and you responded in huge numbers. But are we really enjoying average download speeds of 17Mb/s?

As I write this, there are 951 entries on the Speed Wave, with an average download speed of 17.02Mb/s, upload speed of 7.26Mb/s, and ping time of 47ms. Those times are broadly consistent with everyone having a healthy ADSL2 connection, though the upload speeds are rather more generous than you’d expect. Obviously there was a lot of testing going on from workplaces.

That said, if we exclude the top six results (all of which had average speeds over 100Mb/s), the download speed drops to 15.37M/s, while excluding the top six upload results reduces the average upload speed to 6.3Mb/s. I’m still jealous of people with AARnet connections and other high-speed links though.

Thanks everyone for taking part (and if you haven’t, the wave is still open).

Lifehacker Speed Wave


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