IOS 4.3 Update Coming March 11th

Today Apple announced the new features coming in iOS 4.3. While there’s not too much to speak of, it will bring Wi-Fi hotspots to all iPhones, faster JavaScript performance to Safari, and a few other enhancements to Apple’s line of iDevices. Apple’s posted a rundown here, so go check it out. You’ll be able to grab the official update on March 11th, 2011. [Apple]


  • Fantastic updates. WiFi hotspot is one of the two reasons I considered jailbreaking. The only other thing I would ask is being able to customise the SMS tones.

    I use Air video for streaming over the Internet to watch videos during lunch breaks. I like the idea of using iTunes to manage and stream my video and music library over WiFi at home.

    Apple is still moving forward. Well done to Steve Jobs for making the effort to be at the presentation. I have great respect for his vision.

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